How to Backup Thunderbird Email Files as PDF?

In today’s era, we all manage our database digitally. No doubt, it is smart decision to keep complete database on any email platform for easy management. But it is also necessary to take backup of database time to time for eliminating loss of file and corruption of database in future. We all know, PDF is one of the best platform available to store database. The name itself suggest that the file format is portable in nature which makes the management of data easy and efficient. PDF files are secured by password. Many users keep the backup of database in PDF as it is considered as safest platform. That is why many Thunderbird account holders are looking for a simple way to know how to backup Thunderbird email files as PDF with attachments.

In this blog, we are going to discuss about both the manual and automated approach of saving files from Thunderbird to PDF. Read the blog till end, if you want instant solution to efficiently backup Thunderbird profile in PDF.

Take Backup of Thunderbird Email as PDF Manually

Step 1: Strat Mozilla Thunderbird in your system.

Step 2: Next select any of the mailbox folder such as inbox, outbox, sent items, draft, etc. for export in PDF.

Step 3: After selecting the mailbox, go to menu bar and hit Tools button.

Step 4: In the drop down menu, select ImportExportTools.

Step 5: After that click on “Export all messages in the folder” option.

Step 6: Choose PDF format to export the selected mailbox items in PDF.

Step 7: Just after selecting the PDF format, a dialogue box opens with a message “If you export in this format, the attachment is not saved. If you want to save the attachments also, choose a different format”.

Step 8: Click on Ok button and choose location to save the PDF file.

Drawbacks of Manual Approach

  • The approach is technical in nature. One need proper technical knowledge to operate this tool.
  • It does not provides complete Thunderbird mailbox solution. The method is helpful in saving only Thunderbird email files and not attachments in PDF.
  • In case of bulk Thunderbird data, manual approach does not help and sometimes result in loss of database.

Automated Solution to Backup Thunderbird Emails in PDF

Thunderbird to PDF Converter is an automated solution that take backup of unlimited Thunderbird email files in PDF format. The software saves complete Thunderbird profile data including emails, contact and calendar in PDF. It supports all the Windows editions such as 210, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, XP, etc. The tool also save all the attachments files properly in PDF.

While saving Thunderbird files in PDF, the tool maintains mail properties like header, hyperlink, email address, font, style, time stamps, etc. The tool also keep the hierarchy of Thunderbird files intact throughout the conversion process. The software enable you to save the converted files in any desirable location for easy management. You can save the files in multiple combination of names. The advance filter option also available that facilitate to backup only selective Thunderbird data in PDF. All these features are available in one solution.

If you want more clarity then try demo edition of Thunderbird Converter. The demo edition provides complete guide of saving Thunderbird files in PDF. It also provides free export of up to 20 Thunderbird email files in PDF.

Wrapping Text

In this blog, we shows you how to backup Thunderbird email files as PDF. We hope now users are able to save Thunderbird profile database in PDF format without any issue of data loss and file corruption. If you want have very few Thunderbird email files to save in PDF then manual method is good option for you. However if the quantity of data is large then, we recommend you to not to take risk with the database and use professional approach without thinking twice.

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